Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July Bloom Day

Well it's bloom day.  This is the time of month that garden blogger's around the world show what is blooming their garden and post it on May Dreams Gardens.  Today I have been feeling a bit under the weather for easons unknown.... I have been lazy in the garden lately or distracted I should say.  However this morning, I made sure I took some pictures.
Drift Roses....thankfully self cleaning.

Moss Roses

Camellias make these fruit?  I suppose it is the seed pods?

The roses are in desperate need of pruning

 Look at all the rose hips

 Weeds that are taking over the paths....they are getting a weeding overhaul next week, thankfully.

Wild morning glory can be pretty

 The real distractions have stemmed from family (my father is going to be okay, thankfully).  I have been training Desdemona, a six month old german shepherd she is catching a frisbee..
And repainting the interior rooms in which I hate the colors....I have been faux painting.....ah well....I'll get there.