Sunday, June 22, 2014

Journal Notes...Light at the End of the Tunnel on the Peacock, Pool Liner Installation.

Forgive my delay, I have had vertigo all week.  I am starting to come around.  June is one of the worst months during the growing season.  It's extremely hot and relatively dry.  July, however, I know that I don't have to water.  It practically rains every afternoon.  We are getting into that part of the season which makes it difficult when you are trying to install a liner.

I can't pretend to tell you what my husband is doing but I was astonished to learn that some of the water in the pool comes from the water table.  So keep it out long enough to repair the concrete has been a challenge for him.  I accidentally bought the wrong pond pump but thankfully it has found a use in keeping the water down long enough for him to repair the concrete.

I do know that water does not compress so I see the reason for the allowance of the water to come in.  

I wonder if the flooding overwhelmed the pool?

Anyway, the pool is over 8 feet deep and is a bit of a danger when not filled as I discovered.  I am excited at the prospect of it returning.

Well, I know where the water table is now.

I bought a feather duster for the peacock and I love it.  I will probably have to replace it more than once this season but I like it.  

While I was out there I noticed that there will be no need to put in additional liner.  The morning glory is taking over fast and furious.  I have a feeling ill be doing more cutting down then filling in.

A month ago, they were seeds.

They wilt in the summer heat.

The salvia I put in, are not doing well.  I need to get this finished so I may forget about the salvia and do the Mexican Heather.  My mom said the tail did not fan out enough and I agree but it may have to do this year.  I'll see how I feel tomorrow.
Now the perwinkle and the marigolds are doing quite nicely.

Still no word on my mower and the grass grows FAST

You can barely see the lilies through all the weeds.

Husband has finished cementing and now putting on the fixtures.  I am really, really hoping to get the liner in today.  This heat has never made miss a pool more.

I didn't know canna had flowers!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

June Bloom Day

This is June Bloom Day.  If you aren't familiar this is where garden blogger's post what is blooming in there garden on the 15th of each month.  Then they post it on May Dreams Garden where you can see gardens all around the world.
If you don't my blog, here is a quick synopsis.  
  • I live on 15 acres, which I intend to garden the whole thing.
  • I have been gardening for 2 1/2 years and 99% of the plants you are seeing were not here besides Magnolia, beauty berry, grandfather whiskers.
  • It will be called the Gardens of October (one day).  I liked it because I liked the month but now I realized that is when it's truly good to be seen.

The lily field.  I am gonna call this part of the garden Aunt Agnes' Lily field.

Yes, it's weedy.  There are also wildflowers planted here.

I have discovered some are daylilies and some are regular lilies.

Tulip Trees

I have been working on a six foot peacock topiary with a twenty foot long tail.  This one is not the best picture.  The one yesterday is better so I will post it.

This one is a better one.  I have started putting in coconut liner.
Confederate Jasmine is blooming.  I put in morning glory to fill it in, until the confederate jasmine fills in.

The tail is 70 percent done.  I have to do an outline with Mexican Heather.  This year I used annuals until I figure out what I went in permanent.




The tail
Wildflower area that reseeds ever year.  It usually takes a bit.

Some are starting

Sulphur Cosmos.  It usually blooms in October.

While I was shooting the area, I saw this butterfly.  I have no idea what it is, but I looked it up.  It looks like a pipevine swallowtail.  I found an image that looks like it.   Click Here.
The peacock is huge.

Cashmere Bouquet

Beauty berry is starting to bloom.

Endless summer hydragangeas
Side Bed

Blue Girl


Back Rose Garden

The elephant in the room is the pool liner is being replaced.  So I am avoiding the pictures of the pool.

Mexican Heather

With over 100 roses, I won't take a pictures of each rose but some of the prettier ones blooming now.  This is Green Ice.
Black Bacarra

Peach Drift


Summer snow

Don't remember

Blue Girl

New Year



Back end of the rose garden

Mums blooming despite me.

Double Delight


Angel Winged Begonia.
Mystic Dahlia



Memphis Music

Not sure what it is but my mother said this is call Grandpa Whiskers