Roses I of today :)

3 Memphis Music Roses
1 Peach Drift rose
One Moonstone

1 Granada
1 Ebb Tide

Four Tropicana
One Black Bacarra
One Purple Tiger
Cl. American Blaze  I have one

One Chrysler Imperial

One Altissimo

Three Double Delight

4 pink mystery idea what they are
1 St. Patrick

1 Rock & Roll

One Ketchup an Mustard

Pink rose unknown..possibly belinda's dream

1 Orlando picture

2 JFK rose

One Montezuma

1 Pinata

2 Electron 

New Year rose
4 Gypsy


2 Golden Masterpieces

One Peace rose (web image)
One Gold Glow (web image)

2 Olympiad
2 Queen Elizabeth's


2 Ch-Ching roses (my pic)

One Charisma (No image)
2 climbing joseph's coat (no image)
My personal rose seedling...I will call her of Gold Medal X unknown


Two Mr. Lincoln

One First Prize
One sundowner
Four climbing Golden showers

One Touch of class
One sunny knockout tree
One sunny knockout (not shown)
Three Europenas
3 Don Juan
Two Impatient Roses

13 Knockouts...some are the double, rainbow and pink

Two paradise
four regular Icebergs
One climbing icebergs
One Gold pic

One Gold Medallion

Two Tiffany

One Promise (not shown)


One Summer snow

2 eclipse

Lady Diana
3 green ice

2 William Baffin (No image)
Three tangerine streams

One Fragrant cloud

So 42 as of Dec 25.  Better go to bed before this number changes again, 57 as of Dec 29, 2012, 79 as of 2/1/13 but it doesn't include the two that are about to be ordered for a valentine's gift. I can see I will start losing count.  Make that 84 as of 2/1/13, 90 as of 2/11/13 92 because two were from cuttings that propagated, 96 added four pink mystery roses my mother gave me, 97 as of 3/23/13, officially 100 roses on 4/8/13..unofficially who knows...JFK bare root is struggling and a ton of cuttings that lived....but officially 100 roses.  111 as of 4/15/13...I have several cuttings that are sprouting but I do not know what cuttings they are because they accidentally sprouted so officially 110, unofficially....a lot, 113 Mr. lincoln and first prize.  6/9  It is hard to say how many roses I have...I have gotten two mystery roses...could be lady banks, and one peach drift but some of my bare roots have not made it.  The highly distressed I will the count where it is.  Lost one Joseph's coat, one blue girl, two don juan, and one tropicana.  Got two lady banks, one knockout, and one of the icebergs is something else an one peach drift. So unofficial count at 112?  I am going to give up counting soon.  It is getting too cumbersome.  I am starting to lose count.  I have replaced two that did not make it.  I will comfortably say 115 until one day, I figure it out.  I replaced I think Paradise and JFK with two William Baffin...7/16/13  Fragrant cloud and two knockouts have been added.  the count is probably higher than 115 but I will leave it until the winter. One B. Villegas rose...116...prob more but I will live it at this...12/15/13 12/25/13 got a knockout form Xmas so 117


Anonymous said...

Where are you ordering roses from?

Cerberus German shepherds said...
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Cerberus German shepherds said...

Bear in mind, if it reads WEB IMAGE it isn't mine....

Cerberus German shepherds said...

With this many you can guess, all over. I won gift cards at work so I got a ton of bare roots from Lowes, some of the bare roots were from a local nursery (in the Baldwin County region) which I have not been impressed with, some were from the local co-op and some were mail order. My favorite rose is the Memphis Music which I bought from Wells Mid South Roses.....I think his roses are excellent and will purchase from him again. And I know a lot of people complain about the big box stores like Lowes but a rose doesn't know where it comes from and they have been great! The best local place I purchase rose was from the local co-op...the lady Dina there knows her stuff and I constantly pester her for advice.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a collection you've got going. Looking forward to following your growing adventures.