Sunday, June 14, 2015

June Bloom Day at My Mom and Dad's.....

It's that time of the month (Bloom Day).  If you are not familiar with bloom day it is where garden blogger's from around the world and post it on May Dream Gardens.   However, this bloom day, I was visiting my parents because my father had tough surgery and a tougher road ahead with the "C" word and the associated treatments.  So I came to visit them and it's bloom day.  My mother had does a fantastic job with a such small space but such an urban, peaceful location to watch the birds, nature,and it truly is wonderful distraction from the stresses of life.  So I opted this bloom day to showcase my parent's yard.

They constantly feed birds and logs what birds she sess and when.
This was a bougainvillea that I started at cuttings and my Mom has grown huge....but I don't have bougainvillea this color. Mom says it changes shade.  I'm inclined to think that it might do with fertilizer.  So while aiding a few other family members I asked my Mom to take pictures of what she was most proud of.

This flower is huge.  I think it's a hibiscus.

I bought my mother some creeping jenny on this trip and I thought brick flower box would be awesome with the creeping jenny.

I had this fountain but it did not suit my motiff but Mom loves Charlie....the seahorse.

Lantana is large and thought she needed to cut it back to see but I think she likes to see the hummingbirds and butterflies.

Mexican Heather that my mom bought me years ago and had babies and Mom now grows in her garden.

Other side of the Lantana.
Covered porch where they sit and enjoy.

This is Mom's friend.....Nancy.

I really want some of these creeping jenny but I need to finish taking care of what I have.

Mexican petunia


I, also got her some black cow that I brought from Alabama.  My mother lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast by the way.  Anyway, I got her a mandevilla as well.

Sky pencils we bought from the closed nursery, last year.

Beside the pool landscaping.

Moss roses

Knockouts...I expected these would be bigger than they have.

Mom has hanging baskets along the fence.

Daisies acting as ground cover.

This plant is so cool...and this is Snuggles the poodle.

Fig tree.
This fountain I bought my mother for Mother's day.  Birds and squirrels like water almost as much as food and this worked out well.

Feeders along the porch to encourage birds to come closer.

Along the fence, hanging baskets.

I brought her one of my moss roses.

Large bushes in front of the door.