Thursday, January 31, 2013

21 New bare roots- Diary log

This post may bore you but I am using it for a diary log...although, it may serve as useful but since I have no experience with bare roots except in the last few weeks, take it with a grain of salt.  Found these at the Airport blvd Lowes, tried the Fairfield one first but it didn't have near the selelction.   Note to self, get what you want while you are there...St. Patricks, Veterans Honor and Mr. Lincolns were gone...will be updating as day goes on.
Purchase 21 bare roots and 4 dinnerplate dahlias

This is the area these will go

Gonna soak the bare roots in epsom is the link.

Some are in peat pots....going to cut slit in those and plant them...I guess?

Bare root roses, these pics aren't mine (web images)
Image Rose Name

Height width flower size
web image
2 of these       
2-4' 2'-4' 5-7"
web image
Summer Snow 3-4'? 3-4 unknown
web image
2 of these
Didn't realize
I had
5' ? 4-5
web image
2 of these
4-6' 3-4 7.5!
web image
2 of these
3-4 2-3 4-5"
web image
3 of these
climber climber unsure
web image
2 of these
climber climber 3-4'?
web image
Montezuma 4-6' 3-4' 3-4
web image
2 of these
tall plant
3-5? 4"
The rose reads just promise, not  web image
3-4' 3-4 3-4"
web image
Granada 4-6' 2-3 ?
web image
2 of these
3-5' 2' 4 -6"

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clock is ticking...dates on photos are wrong, changed batteries

If you haven't followed my blog before, I have been working on a large rose garden in the backyard.  I went to buy mulch this morning at the co-op, and I noticed they got their roses in.  There were bare root roses in pots.  The price tag was $15.99.   I know I will be buying from the co-op this year but I knew those were bare root which something suddenly dawned on me.  I have a huge area for a rose garden that I intend on putting roses in but bare roots are only sold around here one time of I called the store and made sure that they had bare roots in stock.  It's a big difference between five dollars and fifteen dollars, especially when you have an addiction to roses like I do.  The dates are wrong on the photos, I changed batteries

This morning the Ch-ching is still beautiful.  No, I doubt she will bloom this early next year because she was planted in a pot from the greenhouse.

Same holds true with the Orlando Rose

I have been working on a second path, 

Lovely Orlando rose.  For some reason, I have been adverse to buying pink roses but from what I have been reading, Belinda's Dream and Queen Elizabeth roses are great,, I am going to get over it.

Ch-ching rose had a friend visit

Mulched the newly planted plants

I agree with HolleyGarden (another blogger) mulch does look so nice

I believe NellJean (another blogger) said this was George Tabor and the pinks were Pride of Mobile

Encore Azaleas ...gave them a touch of fertilizer

Memphis music roses

Sweet olive tree

Thre front is looking a lot better

Encore Azalea

I have no idea what I am going to do with these mums...I want to put them in the ground

Zinnia seedlings popping up

Hey I finally got it right!  My rose cutting grew a new leaf...I wonder if I should take it out of the pots that the other cuttings are in/

Gerber Daisy saying hello.

I never understood exactly what moss roses were but I have a lot of them

Different kind of moss rose?

Uh oh...more seeds....let's this years games begin


Tulip trees are budding

It was 73 and windy enough to be a tropical storm...cold weather coming in tonight but I am glad it was windy...gave me an idea of how the plants stand up during hurricanes.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wedding Flowers - Past and Future...(lots of pics)

If you haven't read my blog before, I want to point out I have been gardening for a little over a year.  And before that, I killed every plant I came in contact with, except for the plastic ones.  I wanted to talk about wedding flowers.  My husband and I married in October 2011.  We have three children.  The two boys are three weeks apart in age.  They are both about to turn 18.  The daughter is 13 years old.  When my husband and I got engaged, I needed to determine where we were going to get married.  I looked at a painting on his wall, of his grandmother's house that was now turned into Museum.  We will get married at the Swift-Coles House.
The Swift-Coles Historic Home had been in my husband's family for generations.  My mother-in-law (wonderful lady) grew up here.   It was sold years ago and then turned into a museum.  I could not think of a better place to have the wedding.

It wasn't until after my honeymoon did I "fall into" gardening.  When I began, I wanted to make sure that I had all the flowers that were at my wedding.  I am definitely getting closer.  My MIL really helped a great deal in this department.  I had no idea how to arrange.  She did take me with her and went through all the coolers to pick flowers.  Also, I want to point out my major point.  Flowers are expensive.  So there is a huge economic advantage to gardening and that's a large supply of flowers.  Too bad I picked up gardening AFTER the wedding.   The following arrangements were made by mother-in-law Ione Swift Jurkiewicz.  She did an incredible job.   With three children coming into adulthood (and marrying age in the next 10 years) don't think I don't keep in the back of my head of growing flowers for weddings.

My husband and I.  I am holding calla lily and iris with stock I believe.

A planter on the property.

The thing I love about this display was the bells of Ireland.  If I were ever a plant, I would be bells of Ireland.  Those are green tall things at the top.  They change their mind and shift in place...they are the ADHD of plants!  I love it.

This is my mother in law the morning of my wedding, busily, preparing the site.  I love Spanish Moss.

These are willow branches inside the home near the reception area.  When I saw this, I couldn't stop staring at the willow branches.  My MIL gave me some the other day that I put in a glass vase....amazing what a few branches can do.  I believe below are lil

The bridesmaids carried calla lilies with purple stock.

I love this statue.  It is in the front of the home.

We had ferns everywhere on the front porch.  

October is truly the best time to get married in South Alabama.  It is the driest month with the prettiest weather.  I couldn't have asked for better weather for an afternoon wedding.   I believe it was 65 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze.

She had displays of Iris, fern, and more white lilies I believe.  

 This hut is in the back of the property.  The house is nestled on a bayou?  Maybe that is a Louisiana term for lake?  Not sure what you would call it but it's called Bon Secour which is french for "safe harbor"  I suspect it was a place to dock boats in hurricanes.

This is my sister and niece near a corn crib near the back.

This is the dining room where we kept the reception food.

The tables had white hydrangeas.

I love statues, don't you