Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A CPA's April 15th Bloom Day

Well, it 15th of the Month, so it's bloom day.  If you are not familiar with Bloom Day it's were garden bloggers from around the world post where it is blooming in there garden.  Then they link it May Dreams Gardens.  A wonderful site that encourage you to visit.

I will keep the captions short.  I'm a CPA and it's tax day.  So incredibly weak and weary.  Moreover, it has had record downpours in the area with no end in sight.  Perhaps next month I will elaborate but in any event, happy bloom day!

The view from where I usually sit.  The property is 15 acres.  About six have garden areas

Lily garden is starting to bloom

Savannah Bird Girl

Magnolias are starting to bloom

 Can't wait to finally enjoy the gardens...seems like an eternity but it is only one day