Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Bloom Day

Well, it's garden blogger's bloom day.  If you are not familiar with bloom day, it's where garden blogger's from all around the world, take pictures of what's blooming in their garden and post it on May Dreams Gardens.

Given that it's January, hardly anything is blooming...but it was a bit mean....a week and a half ago I had blooms on many of my roses only to be killed by a hard freeze.

Around here seems to be three kind of camellias...those that bloom in the fall, the winter , or the spring...this was a mass of blooms until the freeze.

The peacock needless to say is not blooming...but how beautiful it was last is creeping on the time to redo it.
Hadn't decided if I'm gonna do the same thing.

The only other things that are blooming are things I didn't plant...i.e. weeds.  I believe this is called huckleberry?

But some of the roses still have buds on them.

Sadly the weeds are doing the greatest.
Just finished the greenhouse so hopefully next month will be much prettier.


Lea said...

I didn't know last week's freeze went that far south. That pretty weed (I think it is Henbit) would be considered a flower if it were not so invasive.
That's a great looking greenhouse!

_emily_rose said...

Your greenhouse looks great!!

Happy Belated Bloom Day!

Patsy Bell said...

The new greenhouse is exciting.

Jean Campbell said...

Henbit and other weeds are just indicators of where the soil is richest.

Now that you have that tremendous greenhouse you can bring all those plans and dreams to reality.

2015 will be the Year of the Best October Rose Garden and the year the Peacock takes off as a showpiece.

Cerberus German shepherds said...

Thanks all....the days are getting longer and the spring fever is creeping in

Jean Campbell said...

Found an Italian Garden for the modern era at a Chelsea Gardens site today and thought of you.

Almost Bloom Day again.