Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Journal Notes...Fall Feeding of Roses

Fall is starting to approach.  I haven't fed the roses in a while so I opted to feed them a full dose of Bayer Rose Care.  However, full dose I have learned depends on the rose.
Fall brings dry weather and beautiful flowers...that is why I am going to call my gardens..(one day) the Gardens of October....  Yesterday, I watered a lot of plants that I do not traditionally water because it has been so dry, but it's still hot.  I fed the roses around the house, zone 4, and zone 6.
The climbers are quite tall on the pillar.....my poor zinnia look very diseased...I would cut them but the hummingbirds and butterflies still visit them daily.

The climbers on the side of the house

I am learning to love  Joseph's Coat.

This Don Juan has shot up 7 feet out of nowhere...I suppose the drip irrigation has helped a great deal...I will need to peg shortly before a storm breaks it.

I use two watering buckets.  One a full size rose bush..I use 2 oz per bucket, and smaller bush 1.5 to 1 ounce, and on a distressed rose bush....5 ounce.  I water two at a time and use the lighter green to remember which has the lighter amount, should the two plants in question, vary in dose.

A bottle holds 32 oz.  I have learned from Nell and others..that you should make sure the rose is hydrated before feeding..not to hurt the roots...not a bad idea to water afterwards either....my roses have been blooming like crazy since I put the irrigation system in....I should really see a show after this feeding.

Green ice is a smaller rose plant so I used only  1 ounce.

Hardly see it but this knockout is large so I used a full 2 ounces

This distressed rose is a barely alive...I used only a touch.
The bottle reads that it feeds up to 6 weeks.  We don't have our first frost until around Thanksgiving..so I may opt to feed once more at the end of the month.

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