Thursday, October 3, 2013

Journal Notes

I fed the rose garden a few weeks ago and that has brought in a lot of blooms.  So far rain has been steady.
It is my understanding that you should quit feeding in September.  Recently I fed the last of the perennials.  It has been unusally warm.  I looked up historical weather data and this seems to mimic 2009 which was an extremely warm year.   If you want to look up historical weather data, click HERE.
The roses are still not established.  I will need to begin preparing for the fall.  The Mexican Heather is going to be the tail of my peacock for the front field so it will be dug up.
Some of the flowers you see are wild vines.  It looks like morning glories but I don't think it is.
The back rose garden is not complete.  I am going to wait until winter to do this.

My greenhouse is currently in shambles.  But we are going to begin to repair it.  It has a single layer of visqueen.  It began to tear in the late spring.
The center beam will need to have a pole to repair it.  Water spigot and electricity has been run to the greenhouse.  In a month you will see something brand new...but right's a sad sight.

This section still is not done.  Weeds have overgrown.  Needs to be weeded screened and mulched.  You can't see the hydras that were planted.
It is about 8 degrees hotter than last year at this time..but it is a relief from the hot summer....there is a storm coming in this weekend.  I am hoping that not too much damage will occur.  I put in sky pencils and back shrubs to give a buffer from wind.
The house also (hopefully) will act as a buffer as well.  If you saw a bird's eye view, you would see that I did have the intention of buffers from hurricanes.
The zinnia I had planted here had finally died so I pulled them.  You can see that the coleus is flowering and between the constant hummingbirds and bees there are a ton of babies everywhere.
Will need to find a material to create the path here.  It can't be permanent because there is a pipe that runs under it.  It, also, very steep and receives a great deal of water runoff from the roof of the house and given the slope is as steep as it is.

The climbing roses that are on the side of the house have been wired to the wall.  It had grown so tall it needed support.

The vine is very pretty but I can't hardly see my sundial anymore.

Morning glory that I did plant is blooming.

You can see the gauge of the slope.  You are looking southeast at this angle.  So my theory was that between the slope, the house, and shrubs...I created a wind buffer.

This is a bad picture of this rose but it is the best red rose I have.  Problem is I am not sure what it is.  My understanding the it should have been Promise...which is pink...this is clearly red.  It could be Chrystler Imperial but my map shows it elsewhere...either way...I love this rose.
The camellias are finally blooming.  Looking at past Sept pics..the camelllias were loaded by this time.


Jean Campbell said...

I know you are glad to see Camellia blooms. We don't usually see Camellias until Thanksgiving because of the kinds we have.

My heart is not in getting ready for cold weather, so I am starting early, lots of routine maintenance to do. I think there's one chance in 10 that we would have frost here on Halloween and an equal chance that we would not have a freeze until December.

Maybe Tropical Storm Hurricane will not pick up speed and there won't be a full-blown Hurricane, I hope. Stay Safe.

John said...

Great plans, lotsa work to carry them out. Best wishes for your efforts. It will be nice to see how it progresses year to year...

Cerberus German shepherds said...

@Nell..storm fizzled but looking at the radar it looks you might be feeling a great deal of it...I hope you don't get too much rain..

In respect to have more experience than I...I have yet to be gardening for two I will defer to your experience..

@John...I got too ambitious..but I know come spring..I will again...