Monday, March 18, 2013

Angel and Devil on my shoulders

I recently won a contest at work (for best reviews) for $500.  It was like winning the lottery..I can choose from vendors like Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, etc.  Now, my head was racing with where to spend the money.  So much so, that an Angel and Devil came on my shoulders.  The angel says , you need supplies and mulch and you should use this money to offset those costs....

The devils's fun money, buy a bunch of stuff that you don't need because it's more fun....listening to the devil.

Most of my roses purchased this year were from previous gift cards won.  I want to buy ornaments and fixtures to "frame" the garden.  I have a feeling it might be "busy" or overwhelming...but the Devil said to me, "So!"  :)

I really striving for an outdoor room feel with the back porches..thought about mosquito netting as curtains but my husband didn't care for the idea

This brick wall has artwork that is in en route and already purchased from before

A huge sundial will go in the above picture in front of the magnolia

 pool fountain
This is what it WILL look hopefully, we haven't finished installing it.

Just a side view but you will see sundail on the right of that pillar

Concrete has to be cleaned before I can stain it.

Flooring I am going to stain something like below on the front and back porches

Staining this too
Staining the front porch too
Tulips opening around front porch

Daffodils are latecomers
Backyard project continues.  Planted crepe myrtle, tulip tree, and azalea...yep it will done day be very crowded.

Azaleas and mums blooming...spring has sprung!


NellJean said...

What a lovely dilemma to have!

You can get back to my blogs now. I have to make new posts. I spent much time today deciding whether to make wind breaks to the north or the east or both.

That armillary sun-dial will be stunning in your garden.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Okay, my dumb question of the day...what did you mean or do you mean about where the wind breaks...I have no idea what that means or the significance of it.....

NellJean said...

A wind break is just some trees to 'break' the wind where it sweeps across a field. There are open fields to the north and east of our house. I thought planting some Junipers (red cedars) would be a good idea, especially to the east where an old pecan fell last year, leaving a wide open space. Seedling junipers are plentiful around here.

HolleyGarden said...

How fun to have extra money to spend as you decide! I love the sundial! I'm almost as anxious as you for your garden to fill in - I'm looking forward to seeing all the roses bloom this summer!