Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Early spring cold snap..what's blooming,budding or burned

This post is picture heavy.  We had a slight early spring freeze last night.  The only thing that looked hurt were the dinnerplate dahlias....

I swore I watered them but it was bone dry and looked like this...Perhaps, tonight I will cover them.

Dahlia, next to it looked fine...go figure

Mexican Heather were covered but it was windy and so some of the cover blew off but they looked fine


Tulips and daffodils like the cold.

Well the greenhouse is still being used.

Mom said this is baby's breath but could it be spirea?


Bougainvilleas...tropicals still being left in greenhouse...this one never blooms..it's varigated but it woke up ...

Banana trees and gerber daisys

Plants in the cold frame

Grape Hyacinth

Tulips, daffodils and some type of purple wildflower..looks really nice next to yellow. 
Tulip trees smell wonderful

Iris not budding yet

Bradford pears, dogwoods not flowering yet

Weeping willow leafing up

Wild clover, they are really pretty and nice in cut arrangements

Azaleas are blooming at different times...this one seems to be at the end of its blooming

What is this?  I had wildflowers here and I don't know if this is a weed or a wildflower..

Not sure if the red maple was hurt or is supposed to look like this.

Lots of beautiful things on the property grow wild.  So I am very careful what I clear out... Here is Saw Palmetto..I think

Behind it is a magnolia and below it is wisteria...all wild.


Another Saw Palmetto

Indian Blanketflower

Don Juan climber budding

Patients rose budding

Climbing golden showers...not budding but healthy growth

Knockouts are budding and blooming

Knockouts blooming

Tulip tree

Tulips are coming...most look like this one

Easter Lillies coming up

A rouge tulip...I only have one like this.

Encore Azaleas blooming

Not sure what this is but it's fabulous

It has these tiny hairs on it.

Mums doing just fine

I thought these were George Tabor Azaleas but they are pure white...any idea?  Don't think it's encore but could be....but leaves are different

Pink snow camellia

Pride of Mobile Azalea

Weird looking weeds.

Was given cabbage and I don't like cabbage so of course they are doing great...

Some azaleas did get burned

And some did not.


George Tabor Azaleas

Not George Tabor Azaleas


NellJean said...

The blue wildflowers look like Toadflax as best I can tell. I leave everything with a blue flower. Toadflax is a host plant for the caterpillars of certain butterflies including Buckeyes.

That does look like Baby's Breath Spirea.

Your dahlias should put on new foliage, the ones that were frost bitten.

the red maple looks fine to me.

I think the spiky stuff with little hairs looks like yucca. We called it Bear Grass when I was a kid, but Bear Grass is different to Yucca.

I put on a coat and took a flashlight and went out and put a bucket over the Amaryllis with a big bud a foot tall. Everything else will have to shift for themselves.

Gerbera Daisies can take some amount of cold. Mine didn't die back this winter.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

In respect to the Dahlias, the ones that did get burned, will they die? I put buckets on them this evening and kicking myself for being to lazy to put one on them yesterday evening.....

NellJean said...

Your dahlias probably won't die. Usually there are more 'eyes' on the tubers and they'll put out more foliage.

From here on I think we can cut out losses and garden on after we get past tonight. (famous last words, last night the local weather lady said 2007 we had frost on April 8. What does she know?)