Friday, March 22, 2013

Hungover greek god threw up in the backyard

No a Greek god didn't really...but I am going for a Grecian rose garden, if there is such a thing.   And I am really overdoing the theme as much as possible.

 Don't know how it gravitated to Greece, anymore than I know how I gravitated to gardening but it happened.  Above is a mock up of the backyard project, continuing....  The brass sundial will be place admist this corner bed.  I won the gift cards and this is what is being ordered today.
The back porch needs curtains..yes, you heard me right, curtains.  In a previous blog I mentioned the article I read on outdoor rooms, and lamps and curtains really make it feel that way.

Organic gardening.

Once the art work on the brick wall comes in, I am going to put cushions on these chairs.

This is the original picture from the one above.

I had an old shower curtain in the garage that I hung in the corner, so I hung it on the pillar and I LOVED it..., however, I want one on each side, this one is too short, and and I want sheer deep red.  But love the curtains...this curtain had been the garage for over  a year and didn't look dirty at all...wish all things were made from shower curtain material.

This is a mock up of the picture above to get an idea of what this will look like in a few months

Side view

The brick wall that is about to have art work on it.

The artwork that is on order....wrong angle but you get the idea.

Before the mock up..

This "Grecian" porch was done mostly by stuff laying around the house, thrift stores, and Dollar General.
This throw rug was from Dollar General 

Bought this at a thrift store

Dollar General pots and throw rugs

Table cloth from thrift store

Pot you see with the fern was from Dollar General along with the rug, shower curtain from the garage

View from the screen side of the porch.


NellJean said...

I can hardly wait to see when you complete your Grecian Garden. Will you add a gazebo with Greek Columns and lots of Mediterranean plants?

"Greece’s Central Archaeological Council [said]
The “Olympic Botanical Garden” planted on a twenty-five acre expanse ... will display plants of the native area such as olive trees, almond trees pines, arbutus, plane trees, cypress trees and walnut trees ... also contain numerous aromatic and medicinal herbs like lavender, myrtle, mint and rosemary."

Sounds wonderful to me. Half the fun is in the planning, the rest in the planting.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Nell, I will look that up...I hadn't intended to go "Grecian" just kinda ended up that way...the house is a lot of classic art work like a bust of David, a lot of replicas of high renassiance work. When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronomer so I guess my personality is coming out...but I do love Grecian statues and pillars the gazebo thing...but my husband already has to build a pillar for the sundial (unlike the other stuff the sundial is expensive, therefore I don't want it going anywhere) maybe in the future I'll hint about it :)