Friday, March 15, 2013

March Bloom Day

I took this on evening of March 14th....beware of the ides of March!   Actually, I didn't plant a single thing in the ground, on the 15th I plan on digging a lot of holes so I was proactive.  This is my entry into March Bloom Day on May Dreams Garden

Encore Azalea



Grape Hyacinth

Tulip Trees

These aren't mine.  These are bushes from the Baldwin County Heritage Museum, next door.


Want a plant to plant and forget.  Indian Blanketflower.....they have bloomed all winter and I haven't bothered them once.

Knockout roses


Knockout rose

Snow crocus

Iceberg rose

Front of the house...the crocuses are along the rocks

Tulip trees



Gerber Daisy

Cold frame

More azaleas waiting to go into the ground

Baby's Breath...waiting to go into the ground that My Aunt Agnes gave exchange for a (future bougainvillea)

I thought this was a George Tabor Azalea but it's all white

Pink Snow Camellia

Pride of Mobile Azalea?

Not sure what type of Azalea this is.  Looks almost red.


More Mums

Some type of wild rose given to me by my mother

George Tabor Azalea

Begonias on the back porch and jude?


Lea said...

Wow! What a wide variety of plants you have!
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
Lea's Menagerie

NellJean said...

Happy Bloom Day. You have a lot of holes to dig, worth it when it all comes together.

I have holes to dig too (Belinda's Dream wants out of her bucket, she has a bud) and faucets to unwrap and lots of constructive staring on today's agenda.

Your Baby's Breath's latin name is Spiraea, so you can distinuish it from florist's baby's breath.

Do you think frost is over?

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Nell.... I do think the frost is over (but keeping an eye out and not taking the tropicals out until April.. and I am sooooo jealous. Belinda's Dream is the one rose I wanted to add my garden...I read everywhere that Belinda's Dream does awesome but I am over seeing roses. I have two cuttings that are in one gallons..prob gonna wait until April for them too...suggestions?

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

The cuttings are not Belinda's Dream...they are tangerine streams...hey that rhymes!

NellJean said...

I was compelled to look up the rhyming Tangerine Stream -- yellow, salmon, pink and apricot. Pretty.

I wait to plant out cuttings until the container fills with roots.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Let me ask my usual dumb question, when do you think that will be. Here is the reason why I ask. I find I do not handle container plants well for some reason. The greenhouse works but it is getting very hot in there. I am sure I will do a better job at containers but in terms of months, how long do you think that will be. I have discovered that with me, it works better in the ground. But I do agree with you...just want to know when it is safer.