Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coffee Grounds and Roses

I have heard time and time again on anecdotal evidence that coffee grounds are good for roses.  I read that its a fertilizer, a compost, and an insecticide.  I found this LINK on the web if you want to read more.

Coffee Grounds

Here is why I am bringing this up.  I have a "mystery rose" that looks like it is growing out of a tree.  I think I have deduced that it isn't a "rose tree" but canes that have hardened and mossed over.    Not sure what to do but this is what I did.
I dug a whole about four times the size of the pot.  Put mushroom compost, top soil, a sprinkle of rose 2 in 1 care (Bayer), coffee grounds, and mixed it up.  A pot of water with a tbsp of epsom salt in it.  Will this work?  No don't try it unless someone else says it.  I think I need to do more to the canes , at least this is what this WEBSITE reads.  So it's a wait and see.

A rose growing out of the bark.  Any idea what this could be?

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