Sunday, March 24, 2013

Potential War of the Roses....Invasive Plants

You ever plant something and wonder if you should be planting it, here?  In the corner of the back yard garden, I have big daddy hydrangeas, crepe myrtles, mums, azaleas, and variety of other plants.  My mother gave me cashmere bouquets which I started planting in the gaps of the six big daddy hydras I planted.  Cashmere looks like pink hydrangeas but is very, very invasive.  As I planted, I wondered if it was a good idea to plant these near the roses because after a while there could, very well, be a war for the nutrients and space between the plants.

This area does not have roses planted in it but the rest of the area does.

Pittosporum, Clereya, Sweet Olive, Camellia, mums, crepe myrtle, big daddy hyrdas and coleus will be it's immediate neighbors.

Cashmere bouquets

Neighboring bed had pink roses, but also Oleander and heavenly bamboo...which I think is also invasive

This is the general rose garden area with roughly 80 roses planted

Most of the rose beds are far away, but these guys can move fast

Well, we will see how this pans out and if there will be a "war" with the plants...hopefully, not too bad.  I will address it, if it becomes a problem...famous last words....

I don't think we are out of fear of frost but I am slowly migrating things out of the greenhouse.


NellJean said...

Why don't you leave what is planted as is for right now? Next fall take a long look at everything and see what seems to be crowding its companions. Fall is good time to move offenders, after it gets cool.

Heavenly bamboo, for instance is considered invasive because it seeds about. One little Nandina probably isn't going to be an eight foot monster in a single season. Cashmere Bouquet you can just chop off the stolons as they steal across the garden.

Aren't you glad it's time for my bright ideas and me to go to choir practice?

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Nell, I am first to tell you my strengths as much as my weaknesses...I am the first to say I don't know what I am doing...and even go into the honest motivations for doing them. That being said, I am constantly looking for feedback from people who know more than me. So you feedback is not only welcome but encouraged.
The reason why I am planting them is because I have them.
I was recently given a bunch of cabbage seedlings. I hate cabbage and they are doing fabulous...which tells me...I try too hard.
So the reason why I am planting (to be simple) is because if you give me a plant I will take care of it...if that makes sense

NellJean said...

Well, the National Weather Service sure fooled us last night. Predicted low of 33º here turned to be 39º according to my thermometer with a memory. Tonight they're crying wolf again but everything is covered from last night.

I'm ready for Spring. A friend is coming to dig crape myrtles and whatever else we can find for her on Thursday.

My Cashmere Bouquet finally died out years ago. I blamed root-know nematodes. I blame nematodes for everything that fails and keep a list of known resistant plants so I don't plant in vain any more.

Cashmere Bouquet was so pretty in Dot Cloud's garden and she seemed not to mind that it ran all through the other plants.

HolleyGarden said...

I overcrowd my roses, so I'm always a bit worried about root competition, too. I keep a close eye out, and when I think the roses are suffering, I do something. Until then, though, just enjoy! It got down to 24 here last night - a heavy frost is covering everything. The high today is in the 40's. :( Just when everything was just beginning to bloom!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell, I did see a slight frost on the ground the only thing that looks hurt is my dahlias..they were bone dry too...I could have sworn I watered them yesterday...watered them it going to freeze tonight?
@Holley...I know I am going to move some things so I kind of consider the back rose garden as a trial garden of sorts...

NellJean said...

Who was the famous gardener who said your plants should wear roller skates? And the one who said her plants known to jump in when the wheelbarrow rolls by? I try to KNOW now I'm planting for evermore, but does that ever work? I'm still moving things planted ten years ago.

I don't know if it is going to freeze or not -- Holley's freeze may be coming our way in all this wind. I didn't uncover anything today and found a few more needing some pine straw cover.

Before long we'll be complaining about the heat, lol.