Saturday, March 2, 2013

Green Screen...hiding things in your landscape

We all have things in our landscape, we wish wasn't there.  I have only been gardening a little over a year but I have learned a great deal in this arena.  When it comes to unwanted things or have three things you can do (or at least come to mind) in order of effectiveness.
  • Remove it
  • Hide it
  • Distract away from it.
Sometimes attempts at hiding it, brings more attention to it.   So I have learned that if you are going to hide, make it effective.  Otherwise you are bringing people's eyes, towards it.

My attempt at using a climbing rose for a pole...not necessarily recommending this

Same here with a climbing rose

This pole barn is in front of the home when driving along the drive.  This is what you can see from the front porch...albeit not as close.

There is, also, a cemetery that was screened by trees.  It has been effectively screened.

This is privet bushes that hide the garage and believe me it needed, also,  needs pruning.

I opted for fast growing trees.  These are Hollywood junipers.

View on the drive towards the drive.

Planted a new weeping willow in the front field in a very boggy area...should be perfect.  Eventually the road will be screened by trees

Junipers are really cool looking...although it does not currently does distract me from the barn

Hollywood junipers can grow approx 15 feet tall and 6 - 10 feet wide .  They like full sun

They can grow from 1 - 2.5 feet a year.

They like sandy and slightly acidic soil which makes this spot good.  Mulching is recommended.

Still have to address this area...Perhaps another Juniper but do not to hide the Tulip Tree.

Not pretending to be an expert on this, or even an intermediate on this.  The most effective way is to remove...but if that is not an option....hide or distract away......I'll let you know how this turns out.  I am not saying what I have done is the way to screen thing but giving you my take on it.

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