Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irrigating approx. 7 acres

I may not be an experienced gardener but I am a serious one.  Last year, I watered for hours DAILY.  This year, I swore I would not do that.  One thing I did better was group all the plants in one place.  The other thing I did was plan an irrigation system.  There is another well dug on the property.  I bought a pump and dedided to have a dedicated well for the property.  The property is 15 acres, of which I currently have planted on 7 acres (not to say that won't change in the future)

The piping has come in

Ditch witch is very handy

Ditch witch the trenches

Does make a very clean cut

Piping to the greenhouse

Piping to the back rose gardens

Trench from greenhouse to back gardens

Piping around pool and back gardens

Irrigating the rose garden

Front of the house is approx 6 acres...back of house approx 9..sending piping to the front field...I got a peacock to put in

Utility companies came out so we wouldn't run over lines.

Piping out to the front fields

Piping all the way to the road

My peacock will be put in the front field this year...

Tulips were planted too deeply


HolleyGarden said...

Oh, I'm so impressed - and a bit jealous. We didn't think ahead and now I wish we would have run pipe all the way to the road like you did, too. Great planning! Can't wait to see that peacock!

NellJean said...

Coming along nicely, isn't it?

I think the problem with the tulips may be lack of chill rather than planted too deep, unless you prechilled and planted them more than 6" deep. Grumpy Gardener (Steve Bender of Southern Living) calls short stemmed tulips 'Gopher Corsages.' He says you get an inch of stem for every week of chill.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell, can I dig them up? I probably planted them too deeply. Can I put them in pots or make them more was an extremely mild winter.

@Holley, I used to be a broker (or financial adviser in common vernacular) and I understand the concept of an investment. I felt that the gardening (albeit, brief was not something I intended on giving up anytime soon. Given that I spend every bit of free time on it, I am inclined to think it is not a fleeting fancy. It looks like I have spent 10s of thousands but currently with everything I am a little past 2k..

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell, I do not have permission to look at your blogs...not sure if it is a security setting or I have been thrown out...I am inclined to think its the former

NellJean said...

I think digging up your tulips will be beating a tired horse -- it's too late for fixing this year. The bulbs will divide into two and may not bloom at all next year. Dig a few anyhow, just to satisfy your mind and be sure my experiences with tulips were not off.

If you are determined to have tulips, it is possible with research as to exactly what you must to to bring them to bloom, starting with 12 weeks of refrigeration before you plant.

I gave up tulips years ago once I proved that I could indeed bring tulip bulbs to bloom once if at all. I decided that if I just HAD to have tulips in the spring I would just buy a pot or two at Walmart already in bloom. Once I was satisfied with that plan, I started planting other bulbs that reliably return here, spaced to bloom throughout the seasons of the year.

All my blogs are unavailable right now. When there is something to see, they'll be back. I'll let you know.