Monday, March 11, 2013

Gurney's Order of Bare Root Roses

I think my obsession with roses is temporarily satiated.  I think this is the last order I have outstanding.  I have approximately 9 that have to go into the ground.  This was double delight and blue girl.  Ignore the date, I changed batteries again.

This is the packaging it comes in.  Very much like Edmunds.

Opening package

The canes and roots look good.  These were a few dollars cheaper then Edmund's but the packaging was not a filled meaning don't leave it in the box too long.

Canes look good and so do the roots.  They come unwaxed.  The roots are still moist but again, would not leave in box long.

Soaked them in Epsom Salt

They have a tag when there is more than one, so you know which is which.

I think I like Edmund's a touch least for the packaging but Edmund's is also more expensive.

Was reading a blog last night about "witches broom" disease and freaked out.  I thought one of my climbers had it but it was probably just new growth.  Anyway, I read that sevin gets rid of the mite that passes one to another so I sprayed yesterday...I probably overreacted.

Sevin left over from the fall
This is normally what I spray with

The 13 year old loves daffodils...her dad bought her gerber daisies last summer which have been in the greenhouse.  I planted her some daffodils last fall in the pouring rain for two hours.  Glad to see them blooming.  We cut these for her.

Put area rugs in the brunch area

With 75+ roses in this garden, I am good on roses at least for the moment.

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