Saturday, March 23, 2013

Outdoor Wall Art and an Empty Brick Wall...Updated.

What am I going to do with a bare brick wall?  I have been working on my "Grecian Rose Garden Oasis thing."  I have this bare brick wall to contend with.  I am bordering on being "busy" with so many focal points but I could not leave it bare.  

If you would like to know where I bought this art, it is from ZenArt.  They have beautiful stuff.  Click HERE to see their stuff. (When I emailed the ZenArt for permission to link, they wrote that if you mention Alabama rose blog and email them you get a 5% discount.)
So I opted for a large piece of artwork.  I wanted something large enough to fill it but not so overpowering that your "eye" is confused about where to look when entering the garden, I opted for a simple piece of art work vs a lot of ornaments.  So this is what I chose....
 The statue I put by the pool is called Aurora...Most people don't know and I am taking it as truth that she is the Goddess of the Dawn.  After just looking it up, I discovered she is the Roman god.  Here is the link on Wikipedia.  Ah, well...close enough.   Anyway, I wanted to give her a sun....
Initially, I did not think it was big enough but after looking at it more, I think it is just right.  Big enough to fill the space without distracting so much that your eye gets distracted.  It is getting busy but I had to address a bare wall.

These are metal plates so this is a reflection that you are seeing.

What you see from the living room doors.

What you see from the informal dining room.

Porch view, which is where I sit mostly.

It came in yesterday in plates.  It was like a puzzle to line up the plates.

It is a truly beautiful piece of artwork.

I was still dealing with being sick so I did not really do much on my days off....I hate being sick.  But below is my husband (Johnnie Bear) hanging them up for me.

He put so wood on the wall, and then screw the tops and bottoms of the plates.  The plates are very light weight...aluminum and not solid so he wanted to secure them.

Yes, my husband is awesome.  I recommend any gardener to get a husband like mine...

My mother and I discussed outdoor curtains.  This is mentioned in the previous post.  And she suggested, and I agreed for celery green outdoor curtains framing the unscreened portion of the back porch.  She suggested using coca cola "rings" and draping fabric over to "balloon" the fabric.  One will go on the corner were you see the screen portion on the right, and then one one the left pillar (not shown).  I intended on doing the lawn cushions on the chairs in the upper right corner of this picture.  Yes, it will be a lot of focal points, but I consider this my private, personal garden, so I feel justified in doing what I want.  However, given the back of the house is almost all glass..I have to bear in mind it does become a part of the house.

Update on backyard project....

I did manage to dig a few holes but not many.  I was feeling ill trying but I did manage some.  While at the co-op I found this unbelieveably healthy rose bush "Lady Diana".  She was so healthy looking I, almost, felt ashamed in purchasing her because I was afraid to "mess her up"  When the leaves are leathery, I seem to far well.  When the leaves are light, I feel like I overwater or something.  Anyway, that brings the back rose garden to 77 rose plants and 97 total..
Lady Diana

Baby's Breath


View from the back rose bed to the house.  There is a side rose bed.  The gardens in the back are more or less shaped like a huge L


NellJean said...

Looks good. Your husband does good work.

Latin Aurora is Eos in the Greek, doesn't matter what you call her. It is your personal garden. Since you can't really have a Greek Garden except in Greece, you can have a Grecian theme with anything you wish. It all brings joy to the gardener and the visitors.

HolleyGarden said...

You husband was a saint to put that up so fast! I don't have mine trained so well! ;) I haven't seen panels like this before - but I love the art against your brick wall. Even when it rains, you'll have a bit of sunshine!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

@Nell...I agree that it is all in the eye of the beholder just a little shocked that I gravitated that direction

@Holley, my husband is truly awesome. In respect, the only issue I am dealing with is sun, it doesn't get a lot of sun but it does get some so I need to determine what to do to maintain its integrity...I need to look up what they do with murals.