Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bayer All-in-One ..Magic in a bottle.

Last year was the first year I planted roses (or anything else).  I bought a ton over the year but after a while they were doing nothing, and I mean nothing.  They were not dead but they were definitely not blooming.  There were different types, in different locations...which rules out cultivar, rest periods, locations...they just didn't do anything.

Then one day while at the co-op, I bought this stuff and WOW......they all came alive with HUGE blooms.  I don't know what is in it but it works like magic.

It is a 3-in-1 and works systemically.  3-in-1 meaning that it feeds, controls blackspot and other diseases, and wards off bugs.  Systemically meaning it takes these items and runs it through it roots.  If I had to use only one thing, it would be this.  Now last year I felt I used wayyyy too much Miracle Gro.  I keep reading about salt build up so I won't be using that stuff much, if at all.  I use this stuff at half strength and feed it once a month to my roses.  Problem is I don't know what to do about the bare roots.  I think I will use a quarter strength.  I don't recommend using this stuff if you are still in the "fear of frost" arena.  I am betting the farm a bit that I am out of that area.  However, I have a serious black spot issue at the moment.

Bare roots have heavy black spot, probably because I am using sprinklers at the moment.

Some have freeze burn

And some look absolutely marvelous, probably because this gets a soaker hose vs. a sprinkler.

Lots of roses to feed but at least all in one spot
Don't believe this stuff works...I am saying, try it and you will be amazed.

Speaking of sprinklers, the piping for the irrigation system is in.  I will not water for hours daily as I did last year.  I have the current luxury of spare time that I won't probably have in the future but I am going to keep my garden, nonetheless.

Back yard project update..

When you look out of the back porch this is the area you first see, unless you are staring at the focal points.  So I need to clean this up more.   Wild bamboo and magnolia are growing here...have I been overplanting?  You betcha.

Cleaned the area up a bit.

Put in Mexican heather, oleander, camellia, nandina, cashmere bouquet, azalea...warning some of these are highly invasive.

Does look a lot "cleaner"

In the pen I planted dinnerplate dahlias against the fence for support.  This fence, also, two climbers on the opposite side.  Also put in a few azaleas to spruce up a bare area when you are viewing the back yard

Strawberries (I think the birds are eating them) and cabbage patch.   Cabbages were given to me so I planted them.


In the distance you see a deer, this will be a problem in the future and considering getting a motion detected sprinkler.

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