Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 2012

December has been really mild to the point of  being unfair.  I don't know what to expect since I have been gardening for less than a year so I know this is out of the norm.

Well, I mulched the fountain with limbs that I cleared.  I understand that this is not a good concept on plants but I think it's okay if you don't want anything to grow.  I moved the philodondren and some poinsettas here. The only problem I had with the fountain is that the drive curves as you approach the house...which makes it appear off center.

Rye grass is growing in....albeit spotty

My pond in a kit came along quite nicely

I had a juniper in a pot that I trimmed bonsai like so I placed it at the end with the full side to the area that appeared off center....it worked!

The junipers I had I planted on arches in an effort to make a "wall" with  arched walkways.....we'll see how it goes but they are fast growers.

Spanish Moss at the creek

I planted fifty snow crocus' here.

I am attempted to make these junipers swirl but they aren't full enough...ah, well...I'll keep practicing

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