Sunday, December 23, 2012

March 2012

My first rose(s).  The one on the left is the first rose I put in the ground.  My husband bought it for me for Valentine's Day.  It's Gold Medal rose.  I went on to buy a Gold Medallion rose (I believe).  This rose is on the right.  The Gold Medal rose I eventually moved...and affectionately call it my "Johnny Bear" because that is what I call my husband and since he bought it for me...I call it the same name.  I will probably get into this later but one thing I have learned in 2012 is....don't fight nature....because you will always be fighting since nature doesn't take a day off.
This was the split drive around my house.  I found rocks around the property and other construction materials and formed a ring around it.

This is the view from my front porch.  The sod I put under the tree is greening.

This is the pole barn in front of our house....not the best place to place it...because well, it's ugly.  So in attempt to screen it I planted Alabama Beauty Camellias....unbeknownst to me at the time is that they are slow growers....

This time of year is a little uncolorful.  At the time, I had no idea what to thing I have , also, learned along the way but gardens need focal points.  In any event, I had oak trees hanging over the driveway (which is almost a quarter mile long).  So I hung Chinese lanterns that are them or hate them...they are a conversation piece..I discovered.   Despite the link, I found them at Lowes for ten dollars.

The creek was finally sodded.  I put out more solar lights and planted another  rose bush...Impatient  Rose...they should have called it Thirsty...they seemed very thirsty before being established.

This is the drive in front of the house what I call the drive split.

The creek took  me months to finish...I was really sick of looking at sod.   During the summer, I akinned the creek to a trophy wife.....everyone admired it but hard to maintain.  It was really hard to mow....because of the slope..every time I complained while mowing it I said....."I PAID to put grass here!"

The driveway had an are of mystery...and I have an affinity for "spookiness" so I really try to play on.  Notice the solar lantern....

The "sticks" or hydras I put in the ground had leaves on them.....I  really thought I paid for sticks.....after all, I have no idea what I was doing...  I, also, put down a lot of solar lights.....My mom said that I needed to make a bed out of the front porch landscaping...True to form as an oppositional child, I argued with her.

I, also, added path lights to steps leading to the creek.

We all know some things even a photograph can't truly express....I , highly, recommend the solar lights.

Some pictures I take as reference.  I did not take pictures of all the debris we removed...because  it was something I really wanted to forget not chronicle...Now, I wish I had.   Anyway, some pics I take just to give a before reference.

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