Tuesday, December 25, 2012

October 2012...the prettiest month I have had

My husband built me a 12X24 greenhouse.  He ran electricity to it.  At the time of this I was considering buy 15 more rose plants with a gift cards I won from work.  But to do this, I would not be able to walk in it....decisions, decisions.....

Dual colored bougainvilleas...this actually two different plants.

Mexican heather

Christams tree seedlings that unfortunately only one made it.  The fushia died.

Bat flowers that I bought but got too moist and have not come up

A Hibiscus limb that broke off that I just stuck in dirt....it's still alive!

Variegated bougainvillea that I can not seem to make bloom again.

Inside of my greenhouse after being built

Banana trees, Pussy willow, Mr. Lincoln, touch of class rose

Bonnie tomato plants that were given to me 
Hydra that I propagated through layering

Mr. Lincoln...I believe

Memphis Music

Touch of class

Altissimo, rainbow, and other assorted Knockouts

Banana Trees


Pussy Willow


Confederate Rose

Memphis Music

Clemantis and Monkey Grass

Clementis and Aztec Grass



Gold Medal Rose

Iceberg roses

I have planted hundreds of bulbs at this time...tulip, daffodils, crocus, grape hyacinth, dutch iris...is what is coming to mind

Mexican petunia, Cashmere bouquet, and behind it is wild golden rod

Wildflower bed that became a disaster

Mums in bloom

Great solar lantern that was on sale

Paradise rose

Knockout rose and marigolds

White Dahlia

Knockout rose

Staghorn fern 

Watering this bougainvillea has made all the difference

American blaze, Don Juan, Impatient, and climbing golden shower rose

Don Juan


Wildflower line, too much to mention


Morning Glory

Mexican sunflower

Sulphur comsos and zinnia

The sulphur cosmos is beginning to explode, zinnia and cosmos are at the bottom


The hibiscus is taller than I am (5'3") if that gives you some idea of dimension


Cold frame  "frame" over strawberries

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