Sunday, December 23, 2012

How do I want roses to fit into my garden...

I do love roses.  In searching the web, I have found that my obsession is mild in comparison to some...all that being said, my intention is to have a beautiful garden.  One has to ask oneself, what is the motivations for making an garden?  I am not suggesting that my way is right and others are wrong.  It is simply a preference, on my part.    

I attended college for 11 years and am of the opinion that no education is in vain.  Some may have more of an impact than others but of those 11, three were in art school where I did not degree in anything....(unless having a good time counts.)   When I read financial records, watch a movie or look at a piece of artwork...I always say..."Tell me a story."  "What are you trying to tell me?"

I akin a rose to a very attractive person.

Think about the most attractive person you know...

  • What if you put that person in a room full of severely unattractive people? 
    • This would be putting a rose in a completely unkempt place...  Yes, the rose would get some admiration but the surroundings would be more distracting.
  • What if you put the rose in a room full of equally attractive people with the same dress, demeanor, and dimensions?
    • I put this in a category of a rose garden as the only ornamental flower.  This is not a bad idea...the viewer would, these people are beautiful.  The individual flower would still be beautiful but would not stand out.  I have seen pictures of rose gardens as the only ornamental flower.  They are beautiful but roses are one type of thing and tend to have relatively little the point where an additional rose would add marginal value.  I am certain that I would be argued on this point...but if your love is to display only roses...then far be it from me to argue...One example of a beautiful rose garden is L'Hays les Roses
  • What if you were put in a room with a variety of people...attractive, smart, tall, short, sharp, classic..but that attractive person stood out from the crowd...because that person was your ideal of attractiveness...this is how I want my roses to fit in my garden.  I want different dimensions, textures, fragrance.  I want a surrounding that is attractive in its own right.  I will find the rose the most beautiful because it's my modus operandi.


HolleyGarden said...

I've been poking around your blog a bit - you have a beautiful garden. I love this piece about roses. I have roses throughout my garden, to varying degrees, and find that you are spot-on. Where I have only roses, it can be a bit overwhelming, but mixed in with a lot of other plants, they really stand out. PS: I couldn't find how to follow your blog.

Cerberus German shepherds said...

Thanks HolleyGarden,

I love your blog. Like gardening, I am new to blogging too. Thanks for the heads up. I am flattered by your compliment. I tell everyone I am not good at gardening but I do have a lot of energy...I put the follow button on thanks to your suggestions...would love more suggestions if you see me doing something wrong...with plants...although, you could be here all day!